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Vice President Mom Embracing Motherhood – Dilek Akca Haskan


He was a child who literally grew and blossomed right before our eyes, and she was the mother – busy and accomplished  as she was – always ready to be plugged into our community and become an integral part of our little modern village right here at Trehaus.

Meet Dilek and Henry Alp Haskan, the sweetest two people our community has known since 2016.

  1. How did you hear about Trehaus?
    I came across Trehaus on Instagram. As a working mum, I wanted a place to work in peace knowing my baby is being cared for nearby. Trehaus was exactly what I was looking for.

  2. How has your experience at Trehaus been so far?
    I think every working parent at Trehaus will join me to say that Trehaus has been a life saver. Thanks to this place, I could excel in my career and be around for my son and nurse him till he turned two. Henry Alp started here when he was nine and a half months, and he recently turned three. Trehaus has a wonderful atmosphere both at the Atelier and co-working space.The co-working area gives me a relaxed space conducive for getting my job done. I spend considerable time outside for meetings. Knowing my child is happy and being stimulated by loving and experienced carers has given me such peace of mind.

  3. What is your business about? How has motherhood affected your career path?
    I’m responsible for the expansion of APAC business at Talmix – a global talent marketplace of 40,000 high skilled consultants from 132 countries, with expertise in every corporate function. Our platform makes it possible for global and fast growing firms to hire consultants for every business requirement that they are trying to answer. 
    My pregnancy coincided with switching jobs and taking the challenge of starting a new business. That meant I couldn’t take any maternity leave. On the positive side, I had the flexibility to arrange my hours around my son’s schedule. I felt powered by the fact that my work was meaningful; therefore I was ok with those tiring early days. I had decided to switch from banking to start-up world long before I had my son. Being a mum only proved that it was the right move. Unlike my time in banking, I find meaning in what I do because I get to improve things in a major sector like consulting while helping companies and individuals grow. Doing meaningful work by helping others is a value I want to pass onto my son and you can only achieve that if you live by your values.

  4. What’s it like bringing up Henry in Singapore? 
    I couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise my child. I believe in the immense benefits of spending time outside for kids. Climate and abundance of parks have made it possible to do that every day. I appreciate the safety, tidiness, clean air and even the smooth large pavements here, especially because in Turkey where we come from, these rarely exist!
    Singapore is home to various cultures that have achieved to live peacefully together. It’s a privilege for Henry Alp to be exposed to that from an early age. Lastly, this place is very welcoming to expats and people are very tolerant towards kids. This makes life so easy when he throws tantrums unexpectedly!

  5. How has being in Trehaus helped you in your parenting journey?
    As an expat, I didn’t know anyone who has kids in Singapore before coming to Trehaus. I got to meet people in the same stage of life as me, exchange parenting ideas, join talks about motherhood that Trehaus does a great job of organising; so in general get the critical support I needed as a new mum.

  6. What’s your typical day like at Trehaus?
    With the start of this year, Henry turned three and moved to a Montessori preschool. Thanks to Trehaus, he had the best start to his early childhood education. Before he left, we used to walk to Trehaus together in the morning, I dropped him at the Atelier and started to work. I used to visit him twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon to nurse or play. We also used to have lunch together if I wasn’t out for meetings. End of the day, I picked him up to walk back home together.

  7. Have you seen any changes in Henry since he started here?
    He’s matured so much thanks to the close attention from the carers at the Atelier. The mixed-age group and social environment due to Trehaus staff and parents around helped him to be the social and confident kid he is today. We got to experience all his firsts together from crawling, and walking to starting to talk and being a chatterbox (!). This has all happened while I get to do what I love, so I cannot thank Trehaus enough.

  8. Any words of advice for moms like you who would like to bring an active toddler to work?
    It’s not really possible to do critical work around toddlers so as he got older, I have consciously chosen to visit him less. I set his expectations right in the morning by explaining to him when I will come see him. If you create a routine around that and keep toddlers informed in advance, they understand and cooperate better.