The Littles' Programme

Our project-based programme focuses not just on acquiring knowledge, but emphasizes developing skills – skills that are going to be crucial in the economy of the future, understanding that most jobs of tomorrow do not even exist today. We recognise that creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and adaptability are key, and the currency of the new era is social capital and personal character. 

Of course, our kids will learn to read and write and do math in the process, but it’s all going to be such fun, it turns the traditional idea of learning in school, on its head! 

Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Entrepreneurial Skills, Idea-Selling

Become tomorrow’s changemaker by being the first to see a problem, finding the right solution, creating a game-changing idea, and bringing it to market. Your child will pitch their idea, tell the story of the problem it solves and mobilise their classmates to bring the idea to life by delegating individual tasks and action lists, instilling and encouraging creativity.

They will learn

  • Leadership and understanding other people’s needs and desires
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses, and importance of teamwork
  • To develop creative solutions and the art of persuasion to sell their idea 
  • To observe and collect information from real-world settings 
  • Financial literacy with TREHAUS currency
Leadership and Teamwork, Executive Function and Task Management, Confidence and Public Speaking

Become the most admired CEO of tomorrow. Your child’s problem-solving and leadership skills will be unlocked. Your child will practise empathy and cooperation as they lead their team through a project. They will hone their decision-making skills as they gather opinions from their classmates. They will become confident public speakers when they host the annual management event.

They will learn

  • How to express one’s own opinions or preferences regarding an idea
  • How to negotiate an idea with others to reach consensus
  • What actions are needed to undertake a task
  • Numeracy and mathematical calculations for budgeting
  • How to communicate clearly and speak in public
Logical Reasoning, Design Thinking, Basics of Coding, Engineering and Robotics

This programme provides pathways to unlock your child’s inventive spirit as they learn to tinker by deconstructing and rebuilding objects in our special Little Makers studio; learning basics of coding, creating apps and robotics to design products.

They will learn

  • Logical reasoning of simple principles and laws of nature
  • Numeracy and concepts of mathematical computation
  • Spatial relations and shape-related elements of structures
  • Cognitive understanding of simple mechanical components
Experimenting, Creative Expression, Art and Music Appreciation

This programme is designed to ignite your child’s innate imaginative spirit and creative spark, through embracing and experiencing music, movement, communications and the arts. With partnerships with art museums, your child will learn to love the arts. As little producers, they will produce songs, music videos, and even perform their own creations. In movement, they will express themselves via different mediums. You child will unlock their inner creative, sonically, visually, verbally, and tactilely.

They will learn

  • Fine-tuning of auditory neurological processing
  • Awareness of specific elements of sonic and/or acoustic stimulation
  • Expression of emotions and ideas through music and art
  • Language and lyrical storytelling
Value-Based Social Responsibility, Environmental Consciousness, Giving Back and Helping Others

Beyond “What will I be when I grow up?” this programme is designed to help your child question and discover “What can I do to make the world a better place?” Your child will become citizens of the world and contribute to a brighter future. An ethics and values-focused learning programme – your child will be encouraged to help others; learn about giving back to society through volunteering, fundraising projects, visiting old age homes and hospitals, and participating in charities.

They will learn

  • Different ways of life in local society and in other parts of the world
  • That one can influence other person’s feelings through action
  • To reflect on one’s feelings toward another, developing empathy
  • Fine-motor manipulation of materials in making gifts for other people
Developing Healthy Habits And Nutrition, Practical Life Skills, Cultural Appreciation

Our cultural tastemaker programme is designed to expose your child to the art and science behind the disciplines of culinary and hospitality through real-life hands-on experiences. Your child will prepare and serve nutritional meals after gardening and farming from their urban farm, learn to service a table with joy and humility, understand good nutrition and its values, and develop healthy habits.

They will learn

  • Fine-motor manipulation of food materials and utensils – from picking herbs from our own urban garden, to food nutrition, presentation and dining etiquette
  • Numeracy concepts: proportion, counting, measuring, volume, estimation, sorting
  • Sensory exploration with textures, colours, tastes and smell
  • To follow step-by-step instructions
  • Nutrition and cultural studies, and eliminate picky eating habits
  • Creativity and science chemistry in culinary arts