Our Curriculum
Our Trehaus Framework
A Holistic Curriculum Philosophy

Inspired by Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory and somatics, our child-centred approach aims to help our students form a healthy sense of self-identity through play and discovery, with a core curriculum activating and connecting the HEAD, HEART and HANDS to create a lifelong love for learning.

Head: Academics,
Critical thinking
Heart: Mindfulness,
Emotional intelligence
Hands: Physical expression,
Giving back

The Littles’ Programme Curriculum

Our Proprietary Trehaus “Littles’ Programme” curriculum comprises 7 future and soft skills, alongside with a vigorous bi-lingual core fundamental programme (reading, writing, numeracy, fine, gross motor skills, life skills).

We focus on your children’s self-discovery journey as much as their outcome. What we offer, is a holistic education that incorporates the best elements of research-based pedagogies to create a child-led, play-based curriculum adapted to meet the needs of each individual child.

“Some see a small child. We see endless possibilities.”