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The Future of Work: A New Normal

“Non-traditional workspaces like Trehaus Business Club are particularly well-suited for the current times.”

Offices effectively came to a standstill in 2020 when lockdown measures were implemented worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies scrambled to transfer operations to homes and other remote setups. This move did not prove to be temporary, as many had thought.

Half way through 2021, the pandemic continues to rage in many parts of the world. Singapore is now in a semi-lockdown state with Work From Home (WFH) being the default mode of operation. Even in countries where the situation is under control, people are preferring to continue to work remotely. Many companies are allowing their employees to do so. As this article in Forbes states, remote work is here to stay and we agree!

Thus, non-traditional workspaces like Trehaus Business Club are particularly well-suited for the current times. People get access to a cost-effective, workspace solution with fixed and hot desks, meeting rooms, call booths as well as the option to have their little ones in the creche or preschool, just next door.

Remote workspaces provide an effective solution to the demands of the “new normal”. Working out of shared office spaces closer to home allows for shorter commutes, yet maintains the connection between colleagues.

Further, many more people are diving into the self-employed life now. Nearly 50% of the global workforce is self-employed. One of the key benefits of a remote workspace like Trehaus Business Club is that it gives self-employed individuals a sense of community while avoiding the rigid structure of a regular office or working at home alone. People are thriving in this flexible setting. They experience more freedom and are inspired by the relationships and positive interactions they experience in a community of like-minded individuals. 

Like Trehaus, companies like DOERSCIRCLE are also helping to reshape the world for individual workers, which currently leaves them with higher prices for services like insurance, healthcare, banking facilities, software subscription plans and much more! DOERSCIRCLE is uniting Independent “Doers” so that they can negotiate better conditions to ensure greater security and stability for all.

Together they’re a huge solution-provider and we believe, will play a big role in the future of work, moving forward.
 Image credits: Trehaus