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Sophie Clare At Trehaus – A Blog Post From A First-Time Mum


September has always been a particularly special month in the year for me. Maybe it’s because a good majority of my family members were born in this month. As was I and my baby daughter, Sophie Clare Jardine. We planned Sophie’s conception consciously, and we intentionally welcomed the journey of parenthood precisely ten months prior with the hopes that she would arrive in September the following year. Okay, maybe not so much my husband but I sure did have that hope! So this September, on the 6th, we celebrate her first 365 days.

In my entire 34 years of living, as far back as I can remember, I do not think I have ever felt more prepared and inspired for anything else other than being a mother. Coming from a non-traditional family background and a complicated upbringing, I learned to be street smart and independent very early on. I grew up on television, music, movies, the internet, literature, books, books and more books! My past, my challenges, my afflictions and my recovery has made me become the mother and human being that I am today. With that being said, I knew that I would be adopting a very different approach when bringing up and introducing the world to my own child.

Now, almost twelve months in, motherhood has been an incredible journey to date and to sound cliche; it has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience. We knew from the very start that having a domestic helper was simply not something we were going to be open to. Both my husband and I hold and manage various career roles. Therefore, I knew that when the right moment revealed itself, it meant having to be willing to ask for help and to accept help. It takes a village to raise a child, and I have my villages. Gratefully, we stem from a few different communities which we consider to be our extended families.

Trehaus, of course, has been one such village. The past month has been simply fantastic. The support has been beyond expectation, and Sophie truly loves it. The concept of Trehaus reassures me that I do not have to juggle this thing called parenting alone, alongside “getting work done to provide for my family”. Their support has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Trehaus enables me not to feel like I am compromising between being a Mindful parent and running my passionate careers. The community of like-minded parents and caregivers at Trehaus are aligned with my best intentions. They harbour the same sacred responsibility as I do; to nurture, accept, protect and to teach Sophie Clare.

We look forward to meeting more members of Trehaus and thank you, everyone, for warmly welcoming us into your daily lives. Please do say hello and I would be happy to have a little chat and get to know you better.


Helen Clare Rozario is a first time Mom, a Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, a Birth Doula and a Marketing & Communications Manager

Arron Gregory Jardine is a first time Dad, an Audio Engineering & Visual Consultant and the lead guitarist in local band TABULA