NTUC U Family X TREHAUS WEBINAR – Making WFH work with kids at home


Miss out on our Webinar – Making WFH work with kids at home.

In these unprecedented times, parents are finding new challenges balancing WFH and HBL, acronyms that define our new everyday life. And with the school holidays upon us, parents working from home need to keep children engaged even as full time jobs require, well, full time work. Join Dr Elaine Kim, co-founder of Trehaus, an integrated co-lifestyle space making work-like integration a reality, and Elizabeth Wu, parenting coach and director of Trehaus School, a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare, as well as Sha En Yeo, a positive psychologist with the Happiness Scientists in this interactive webinar. Explore strategies and ideas to balance family and career, WFH and HBL, telecommuting and infant-care in the new norm of COVID-19 social distancing.  

Watch it here – NTUC x Trehaus