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Mindful Practices You Can Do as a Family

Trehaus: Mindful Practices You Can Do as a Family
Want to make mindfulness a family priority?

Practicing mindfulness with your child will help to reduce child anxiety, stress, meltdowns and disconnection. The ultimate goal is to give your child the tools they need to live fulfilling lives as adults. 

Studies have found that mindfulness reduces anxiety and stress levels. Children and adults who follow mindful practices actually learn better. And if your child has learning difficulties, these techniques may help them focus better. Mindfulness has so many benefits for young children and is being taught more and more in schools as we do at our Trehaus School. Teaching mindfulness skills in the classroom improves memory, organisational skills, reading and math scores, all while giving kids the tools they need to handle toxic stress. Parents, you can do also do the practices with your own family! Try these family-friendly mindfulness activities are both fun and effective. 
1. Take a listening walk. 
Go on a walk together in silence, listening for sounds you typically overlook: leaves rustling, a pine cone falling from a tree, your own steady breath. 
2. Really taste what you’re eating. 
With the taste, textures, and temperature of foods being so different, mindful eating is one of the easiest practices in the home. Ask everyone at the dinner table to spend the first few minutes of certain meals silently tasing noticing the varied sensations 
3. Go inside your body. 
Sit or lie with your kids and, starting with the toes, silently or out loud bring awareness to one body part for a moment, until you’ve worked your way up to the top of your head. 
4. Savor some silence. 
During a period of enforced quiet, everyone goes through their regular routines—but they don’t speak. Start with 5 or 10 minutes and try to work up to an hour or more. 
5. Try a sitting meditation. 
Try a formal meditation, where you sit without moving and focus on a single thing this can be difficult for kids (and adults!), but it is very effective at bringing calm and focus. The most common form of meditation is to focus on your breath. Kids can get the hang of this by envisioning they are slowly blowing out to cool a cup of hot tea, then slowly breathing in  
 Image credits: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels