Work Life Child Balance

Meet Trehaus Member, Marissa Nasution
She is a Life & Conscious Parenting Coach, runs the skincare and wellness label MOANA and is a parent at Trehaus School. Her girls Alaia and Olivia are her heart and soul and inspire her work. Marissa has written a blog post for us to share more about what she calls – Work Life Child Balance – but before you read on, here are some fun things you must know about Marissa: 
Favourite Book

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Go to Movie When Sick

A Moment To Remember (A Korean movie from 2004 that makes me cry from the beginning to the end)

Dream Birthday Cake

A funfetti birthday Vanilla Spongecake by my favourite bakery in Jakarta

Now, over to Marissa.


Work Life Child balance

“I am sitting in the home office and trying to work but every 5 minutes someone comes in. May it be the husband bursting in wondering where the extension cables are or my son asking what’s for dinner. I feel like as a mom we always have to be available. Just because I am home doesn’t mean I am not working!”  

 Working from home. Lockdown 2.0 

 I have spoken to many parents about their feelings on working from home and surprisingly, many prefer to be back in an office. Having a dedicated space and some literal space from your personal life ended up being more efficient then working from home. But why is that so? 

 At home, you are always available. Separated by a single door to your family, all the chores and errands you need to run. The pressure of finishing your work to-do lists collides with home schooling, organizing playdates and what’s for dinner. It might seem like the ceiling is about to drop on your head.  

Besides, you take that important call during family time and end up replying emails long after the children are in bed. You have become always available. 

 When parents are suddenly working from home, their own work-life boundaries become blurry and within weeks some parents may feel more anxious, stressed and overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.  

 Creating a healthy and organized work-life balance will help you manage your days, stay focused on your work tasks and allow you to be more present with your  family. Here are some easy simple ideas to get you started:  

  • Every morning write down your top 3 tasks for the day. You might have 100 but choose your top 3.  Writing them down will help take the anxiety of an overwhelming list and redirect focus on your main priorities. 
  • Take 15 minutes quality time for yourself. May that be a quick workout or just sitting still and enjoying a cup of coffee. Do this without music, emails, distractions. Just sit and find your inner calm. 
  • Communicate your boundaries. Explain to your family the times you will need for yourself to work but make sure that you give time to focus on your family too.  
  • Turn your work off during family time. That email can wait for another half hour. Show your children that you respect and honor your quality time with them as much as you do your work 


It has become much more acceptable today to have your child run into your zoom call. If you can find that balance, working from home can have a huge benefit for children as they get to spend more time with the family. Find that 30 minutes break throughout the day to read that favorite story to your child. And if you need some time away from home to fully focus on work, that is absolutely fine!  

 Trehaus, for example, provides a conducive space where you can do focused work AND have your child close by in the creche or at Trehaus School at the same time. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.  

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