Brie Benfell - A Multi-hyphenate Mama!

Brie Benfell is an actress, model, voice over artist, singer, host, podcast host and entrepreneur. She also shares her motherhood experience on Instagram as she wants to help and inspire mamas across the globe. In her own words, first and foremost though, she is Mother to her daughter, Theadora.

Read on to learn more and get inspired by this amazing multi-hyphenate mama!  

What’s 2021 been like for you so far? What has helped you to thrive in this challenging period? 
This year has been challenging for me and I am constantly in a weird mix of emotions. It has been a rollercoaster. Happiness with a sprinkle of anxiety. My husband, my family and my Singapore family have helped me thrive. My business partner has also really made me step up my game and keep me focused. I am so happy I have had this project to work on as it’s been so great for me mentally.
What are you most proud of doing this year? What are you struggling with or is still a work in progress?
This year I am extremely proud of myself and what I have achieved. We are about to launch Anjea. We have been working on this since late 2020. My business partner (and mum of two) and I have both had babies whilst working on this project. It has taken longer to come together as we have been away from family so our schedule is filled with constant FaceTime zooms and you know, looking after a baby full time. I have had the best year of my life but also the hardest. My family has yet to meet their first grandchild and it’s something I think about every day. I am proud of myself and my husband for being the best parents we can be, especially when we have had no family or ‘little village’ to help us along the way.
How do you manage to accomplish all that you do in a day? How do you find work-life integration?
I would be utterly lost without my google calendar. If it’s not in there, it simply doesn’t exist. I have been affected by ‘mum brain’. I really try to be as organised as I can and make sure I look at my calendar before bed to know exactly what I have to focus on the next day. It has been extremely hard to juggle being a mother, working, spending time with my husband and seeing friends. I recently had to take a step back because I was doing too much. I hate to be ‘that mum’ but we did do sleep training and Theadora has one nap and sleeps through the night so I am now able to work when she sleeps and it’s honestly been the biggest game changer, ever.
As a first-time Mom, who do you rely the most on for advice and managing difficult situations with your baby? 
I really do trust my instincts. I am quite a laid back mum and don’t overthink too much as for me that leads to unnecessary worry, stress and anxiety. I have a very small handful of people I ask advice from. Too much advice is overbearing. I have done a lot of research for our new business, Anjea so I am extremely lucky as I get expert advice from the best of the best.
What’s the one thing you wish you knew before becoming a Mom? Any advice you would like to offer to would-be parents?  
There are so many things I wish I had known and it’s the sole reason my business partner and I have created Anjea. I don’t want to overwhelm any mama-to-be but I hope this helps. I wish I got a heads up about breastfeeding. It is incredibly overwhelming especially when you are healing and your baby has only just entered the world. I remember being asked so many times ‘how many mls is she drinking?’. I HAD NO CLUE! This is why so many mums over pump and that leads to mastitis. If your baby is gaining weight and drinking, you are most likely producing enough milk so don’t stress. Postpartum hair loss was a complete shock to me as was my anal fissure and De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis (I was holding Thea incorrectly with my wrist). I also wish I saw a women’s health physio before I gave birth to have a full understanding of my pelvic floor strength. I recommend any woman to go as it’s so important.
What’s your vision of the world in which your baby will grow up? 
This is extremely difficult to answer. Theadora has only ever been in the world with a global pandemic. We are currently living in so much uncertainty but with that I think the world is about to have a drastic change for the better. New choices will be made and the world will start to heal more than it ever has. We are moving in the right direction and I will be sure Theadora will have the best education, love and adventures for her to be one of the reasons the world is changing.
Tell us about any upcoming projects that you are really excited about. 
There are few projects that have kept me very busy and very excited. I have mentioned it several times but I have been working on Anjea all of 2021. Anjea is your number one guide throughout pregnancy and postpartum. We focus on trimester based advice (as you feel so incredibly different every day, let alone trimester). We have teamed up with experts from all over the world to share everything you need to know. I have also teamed up with my husband and together we are THRIVE fitness. We focus on sustainable fat loss and our before and afters are epic! I also started a podcast called ‘Making Of Motherhood’ with Sharon Wong (founder of Motherswork) to share the dirty truths of motherhood and talk openly and honestly on topics that aren’t ever mentioned often. You can find that on Spotify. Season 2 is coming soon! 
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us so authentically, Brie! Finally, where can people find you? 
My personal IG is where you will find me being honest and sometimes funny – @briebenfell, Anjea – @theanjeaway, THRIVE – @thrivefitness_sg and the podcast is  @makingofmotherhood.