Did You Know, Trehaus School Has a Full Chinese Immersion Programme?

Want to make mindfulness a family priority?
Did you know the optimum age for learning a language is between 3-7 and the BEST way to learn is through immersion!
At Trehaus School, students can choose between a bilingual (mixed English + Mandarin) or a full Chinese Immersion Programme.
Our Chinese immersion programme provides our 1:5 teacher-child ratio with 2 native full time Chinese teachers in class with our children throughout the entire day. With Chinese being the core medium of instruction for all aspects of learning, children will be exposed to a rich learning experience allowing for familiarisation, acquisition and the four major language skills in class—listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Come Join Our Virtual Chinese Immersion Class! 

On the last Friday of every month , we are opening the doors for children to take a peek into the magical learning space that is our Mandarin-only class from within the comfort of your homes. Let’s sing songs, listen to stories, play new games with our beloved teachers and feel the magic of our Chinese immersion learning experience!

Time: 3-3:30   Age: 18mo-3 yrs

 Image credits: Trehaus School